Y'mirr is a Vossk system & and has been anounced the center of their trade. Y'mirr can only be reached by the Khador drive. Y'mirr is a hidden system & coordinates can be purchased at Lopat in the Vulpes system.


  • P"arrenkk (Tech Level 10)
  • Rr'ostam (Tech Level 10)
  • G'ukkion (Tech Level 10)
  • Ba"rrtu (Tech Level 9)
  • K'mrikk (Tech Level 10)

The Mass Drver MD 10 blueprints are sold in the K"mirkk Space Lounge The T"vol Armor lbueprints are sold in the Rr"ostam Space Lounge.


  • Y'mirr system is the trade center of the Vossk empire, according to a message on the bottom of the station screen.
  • Y'mirr is the system with the most Tech Level 10 planets. 
  • It is the most expensive map.

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