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Primary WeaponsEdit

  • Blast guns are weapons that fire giant orbs of energy. All ships hit within a range will be damaged emp and hull wise.
Name Damage Range Speed Type Price Where to get
Amplifier 50 6000m 8000km/h Scattergun 50,000
Equinnox 150 5000m 6000km/h Blast Gun 400,000
Freakquincy 180 5500m 6500km/h Blast Gun 450,000
Electrate 250 7000m 7000km/h Blast Gun 500,000
GP-52 "Cheetah" 135 4200m 10000+km/h Laser Beam 1,250,000 Jakk Zoboon
Sultan 75 6500m 4000km/h Auto Cannon with Targeting Laser 350,000 Jakk Zoboon
ST-13 "Tiger" 115 5500m 6500km/h Laser Beam Autocomplete:


Mjolnir 95 3800m 4800km/h Laser 630,000 Loma
Dark Fusion Laser 100 4000m 4000km/h Guided Laser Autocomplete



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Image of sultan

Image of the Sultan

Image of the Mjolnir

Image of the Mjolnir

Image cheetah

Image of GP-52 "Cheetah"


Image of the ST-13 "Tiger"

Secondary WeaponsEdit

Name Damage Range Speed Type Special Price Where to get
Triceritops 800 Guided nuke Guided 3,000
AMR Protesor 600 3500m 5000km/h SGN(scan guided nuke) Can shoot up to 3 targets away from each other. 170,000
T'Yool ????? 6500m 3500km/h Missile One Shot One kill 88,739 Blueprint
TAP-1 550 11000m 3000km/h Guided Nuke Guided 4767 Loma
Crimson ST-A1 100 4000m N/A Turret Can Fire All 6 Turrets at Once 3700
Hornet 1,000 100000k Station destroyer Station destroyer 10,000
Destroyer 50,000 1000000k Guided Nuke Destroy all tagets shown on radar 100,000

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Image of Crimson ST-A1


Image of TAP-1

Image of AMR protestor

Image of AMR Protestor


All listed below are Automatic

Name Damage Loading Speed Speed Range Price Special Faction Handling Where to get
Deep-Science Turret DS1 10 Auto-laser Terran 200
Deep-Science Turret DS2 40 Auto-laser Terran 150
Butt K'kirr Scattergun turret V'ossk 100
V'ossk R'ules Scattergun turret V'ossk 130
Minerva 30 6000m 300,000 Attack 2 different targets Nivelian 150
MD-16 MassDriven Turret 45 7000m 550,000 Electronic Disruption and Hull Damage Terran 120 Loma
L'Issk 36 400ms 7000km/h 7000m 479,396 {Y'Mirr} Automatic and Manual Vossk 140 Wahnorr, Y'Mirr, Loma
Vixen 9 100ms 10000km/h 6500m 467,852


Manual Midorian 160 Ginoya, Talidor, Eanya, Loma
Keléhn 27 300ms 7000km/h 8000m 499,543{Suteo} Manual Nivelian 145 Suteo, Katashan, Nesla
Hera 50 7000m 450,000 Attack 2 different targets Nivelian 150

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