The Voids are a mysterious species who launched an assault on the whole Galaxy on Fire universe in the GOF2 era. The reason of their agression still remains unknown. They possessed a wormhole technology which allowed them to jump in and out of any systems without a jumpgate. After long researches a Grey named Khador discovered that their technology is based mostly on Void crystals and created the Khador Drive using the same technology.

Voids are aggresive to all races and as said earlier use wormholes to perform hit and run attacks on systems.


  • The Voids had at least one mothership and controlled at least one system which is accessible with the Khador Drive.
  • They look somewhat cyberorganic (robot-flesh type).
  • The only person ever to communicate with the Voids was Corny, after Alice merged his DNA with Void's.
  • The only ship they pilot is the VoidX.
  • Void speech is gibberish. The script is not in English, and Voids speak in a unknown, yet gibberish language.