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This article, Type 1, was written by NiveliKing. Please do not edit their fan fiction without their permission. Thank you!

 This is the start of the Nivelian Type series, from 1 to 43.

Words from NiveliKingEdit

Hey guys, it's NiveliKing. This is the start of the new series that basically led to the Type 43. It's a really big task, and I have a lot of work ahead of me. Do me a favor, comment below with feedback on what I should use as stats for each type. There are so many good combinations. If yours dosent get it, remember that there are 42 types to try. Thanks for all your support!

Also, if there is anything you would like me to add, comment!

Type 1Edit

Type 1 is the very basic model of the series that led to Type 43. It's only slightly better than a Betty, and its only advantage is a turret slot. This is not a preferable ship, especially in a large fight or on carrier missions. But if someone is looking for a Night Owl, be sure to consider the Type 1 and make your decision.

Type 1



Cargo hold


Primary Weapons


Secondary Weapons










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