A typical female Terran in GOF2


Gof1 Terran pilot


A typical Terran male in GOF2

The Terran Federation is one of the four factions in Galaxy on Fire 2. Its population is assumed to be mostly Terran. They are the most powerful, seeing as they have the most systems out of all factions in-game. The Terran Federation borders all the other factions, earning a huge profit from this position. Their home planet is Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy. There is on the medical supplies saying about intergalactical sex...creepy.

Galaxy on Fire 4Edit

In Galaxy on Fire 4, Terran scientists discover a looming black hole right in the centre of the Constellion Galaxy.

(totally fan fiction)

Station DesignEdit

Terran station designs are very conventional, much like their ships. They tend to consist of many or one single square/octagonal "columns", one of which will contain the docking zone, the rest containing many utilities. An exception to this would be Io Ombak station in Aquila, which has a lone, "squashed" cylinder with a communication station on the top of the station.

Ship DesignEdit

Terran ship design generally appears to be more conventional than the Vossk or the Nivelians, having wings in practical places, and generally aerodynamic shapes (with possibly the exception of the Anaan or the Cormorant). Their ships are generally considered to be quite average, with the Vossk beating them on armor and the Nivelians beating them in handling. Though this may be an disadvantage to some, their two special ships, the Comorant and the Anaan more than make up for this for sheer cargo space. All Terran ships follow a blue fire boost, gunmetal-gray, yellow, body color scheme. Excpet fo rthe phantom, which is red and grey.
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The Terran Federation fought a war with the Vossk Empire, though an uneasy truce was formed in an attempt to destroy the Void threat. A Vossk commander once conspired with a Terran officer and the Pirates.


The Terran Federation's main nemesis are the Voids. The Terran Federation was once an ally of the Nivelian Republic. Terrans constantly try to explore the known universe, bringing the concepts of free will and compassion to the other races, which is praised by Greys and Nivelians, but disliked by Vossks.

They must have good trade relations with the Nivelians since Terran and Nivelian freighters are the only freighters that can be at another faction's station legally. (Terrans at Nivelian stations and Nivelians at Terran stations).


The Terran Federation controls the following systems: