Invasion will be an addon idea for GOF3.

Brief summery:

The Voids got restless and built a stronger fleet then ever before and started to invade Vossk territory. The Vossk Beg for help from Terrans and Nivelians. The Terrans must put aside their past differences or the next Void victim will be them. Terrans send Keith T. Maxwell and the Nivelians send Braddock Liber to close down the VOid Mothership in Vossk space or it will be too late and the vossk will become extinct and soon the Terrans and Nivelians will all be gone. Midorian Alliance agreed to help as long as Nivelians don't attack them during the missons.

New Systems:


Tech lv: 9 ( only one planet like thynome.)

Faction: Midorian

Description: Midorian secret system. only able to get there by khador drive.


Tech lv: lv 5-7 planets

Faction: Nivelian

Description: Newly discovered system.


Tech lv: Lv 7-10 planets

FAction: Terran

Description: Buy cooridinates for system in a space lounge

Hhe'lp me

Tech lv: 5-7 planets

Faction: vossk

Description: System where void mother ship is.