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Terran FederationEdit


Terran Emblem

File:Terran Hangar.jpg
The Terran Federation is one of the four factions in Galaxy on Fire 2. Its population is assumed to be mostly Terran. They are the most powerful, seeing as they have the most systems out of all factions in-game. The Terran Federation borders all 3 other factions, earning a huge profit from this position. Their home planet is Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Station DesignEdit

Terran station designs are very conventional, much like their ships. They tend to consist of many or one single square/octagonal "columns", one of which will contain the docking zone, the rest containing many utilities. An exception to this would be Io Ombak station in Aquila, which has a lone, "squashed" cylinder with a communication station on the top of the station.

Ship DesignEdit

Terran ship design generally appears to be more conventional than the Vossk or the Nivelians, having wings in practical places, and generally aerodynamic shapes (with possibly the exception of the Anaan or the Cormorant). Their ships are generally considered to be quite average, with the Vossk beating them on armor and the Nivelians beating them in handling. Though this may be an disadvantage to some, their two special ships, the Comorant and the Anaan more than make up for this for sheer cargo space. All Terran ships follow a gunmetal-gray, yellow, and blue color scheme.
File:Galaxy on Fire 2 Terran Ships Chart.jpg


The Terran Federation fought a war with the Vossk Empire, though an uneasy truce was formed in an attempt to destroy the Void threat. A Vossk commander once conspired with a Terran officer and the Pirates.


The Terran Federation's main nemesis is the Voids. The Terran Federation was once an ally of the Nivelian Republic. Terrans constantly try to explore the known universe, bringing the concepts of free will and compassion to the other races, which is praised by Greys and Nivelians, but disliked by Vossks.

They must have good trade relations with the Nivelians since Terran and Nivelian freighters are the only freighters that can be at another faction's station legally. (Terrans at Nivelian stations and Nivelians at Terran stations)


The Terran Federation controls the following systems:

V'ossk EmpireEdit

The Vossk Empire is one of the four factions in Galaxy on Fire 2. Its population is assumed to be mostly Vossk.   

Station DesignEdit

Vossk stations, like their ships, are mostly green and black and sleek in design. They usually look like giant mushrooms with a large "cap" on top and cone below it with four "legs" sticking out. There seem to be two levels on docking zones, larger one on top and smaller one on bottom. It appears to be the only faction with nonvarying stations.


Ships of Vossk manufacture tend to have stronger armor than most other ships, but at the cost of only average weaponry and decreased manuverability. Vossk ships tend to be more insectoid/crustacean in nature, mostly resembling their heads, and always have a green and black color scheme.

The Vossk are suspicious of other species, and thus restrict the sale of Vossk-manufactured weapons, ships, and equipment to other races. At first, the only Vossk ship pilotable by other species was their standard fighter, the H'Soc. When the Valkyrie add-on is purchased, the Vossk expanded their range of ships to include the heavy fighter, the K'Suukk; and the "Ultimate" ship, the S'Kanarr. The Supernova update added in the N'Tirrk, and is available to all players, regardless of any add-ons purchased. When players purchase the Supernova add-on, the Na'srrk is also available for purchase.


The Vossk Empire once fought a war with the Terran Federation known as the Terran-Vossk War. It is said that the war began with a Vossk clan killing and looting Terran ships. The Terran Space Fleet thought the entire Vossk race was hostile and waged war with the Vossk. Even today violent conflicts arise whenever Vossk fleets meet with Terran fleets. 


The Vossk, according to the official website, is highly patriarchal; males scramble for positions of political influence while females are left behind. It is known that the Vossk are organized into numerous clans, and each clan represents a separate Spawn Pool. However, all Vossk clans are collectively ruled by the Emperor, who has exclusive privileges over all Spawn Pools. As a Vossk rises in rank, they will gain increased influence over the Spawn Pools of their clan and of others. Despite such priveleges, most Emperors last only a few hours before being dissolved into royal jelly due to increased murders and conspiracies, especially when so much is at stake.

The Vossk are a highly militarized species. The Vossk see the military as one of the most respectable positions to take. Vossk warriors are fiercely loyal to the Emperor, and are willing to sacrifice their lives for their cause, even forming temporary alliances with the Nivelian Republic, who have tense relationships with them; and the Terran Federation, their main nemesis.


The Vossk Empire controls the following systems:


The Nivelian Republic is one of the four factions in Galaxy on Fire 2. Its population is assumed to be mostly Nivelian.                                                                                                                                                 

Station DesignEdit

The Nivelians have tall, blue stations, often with multiple pylons connected by beams. Solar panels or radiators are also common. Their hangars have square pads, and the space lounges use mildly round windows and cube chairs.

Ship DesignEdit

Their ships are sleek, blue, and very elegant. They also seem to all have a central, recessed cockpit with two or more "wings" or "fins" in which engines, weapons, or even nothing at all may be present on said "wings". The main weapon seen on nivelian fighters is the [[1]].                                                           


The Mido system declared independence during the Nivelian Civil War. Although the Terran Federation has accepted Mido Confederation's independence, the Nivelian Republic still claim Mido as part of their territory. There is still much skirmishes along the Mido-Nivelian border. Eventually the Eanya system, formally part of the Nivelian Republic, joined the Mido Confederation. After the war Nivelian Republic became a strict military nation. The Nivelian Republic used to be one of the wealthiest civilizations in the galaxy prior to the Civil War.


The Nivelian Republic's main nemesis is the Mido Confederation. The Nivelian Republic was once an ally of the Terran Federation.

While the Nivelian Republic is at war with the Mido Confederation, much of the Nivelian population demand a cease-fire with many protesting and signing petitions.

Recently, the nivelian leader Trunt Harval attempted to eliminate the whole Mido sector by creating an artificial supernova in Ginoya star system. As a result, the system was almost obliterated. However, Trunt's plans were stopped by Deep Science, and he was killed by Keith T. Maxwell.

File:Galaxy on Fire 2 Nivellian Ships Chart.jpg


The Nivelian Republic controls the following systems:

Midorian ConfederationEdit

The Mido Confederation is one of the four faction in Galaxy on Fire 2. Its population is made up of both Terrans and Nivelians. Its full name is the Mido Confederation of Planets.


Station DesignEdit

Mido space stations are generally tall and pillar like with a few projections near the middle or lower parts of the station. They follow the same color scheme as their ships. The lounges are darker and centered more around the bright bar to the left side. Their stations seem to be similar to Nivelian designs, except dilapidated, as if beaten by war scars and hit by weaponry. This is consistent with the fact that Midorians consist of separatist Terrans and Nivelians, and the fact that Nivelian fleets and patrol regularly mount assaults on Mido stations and ships.

Ship DesignEdit

All Mido ships follow an orange, brown, and grey color scheme. It is revealed that the Midorian ships were once mostly mining ships before the rebellion and were never ment to be combat ships. They usually have something resembling wings on both sides with overly large engines mounted on them, except for their cargo ships. Midorian ships are generally cheaper and inferior to Terran or Nivelian ships, although most of them have great handling.


The Mido Confederation was founded by Terran and Nivelian rebels and outlaws during the Nivelian Civil War. Since the Mido declared their independence, the Terran Federation has recognized them, but the Nivelian Republic still claim Mido as part of their territory and, as a result, there are still many skirmishes along the Mido-Nivelian border. Eventually the Eanya system, formerly part of the Nivelian Republic, joined the Midorian Confederation.


The Mido Confederation's main nemesis is the Nivelian Republic.

While the Nivelian Republic is at war with the Mido Confederation, many Nivelians demand a cease-fire and have been protesting and signing petitions.


When a Supernova threatens the Mido system, Keith T. Maxwell has to rescue them along with the Terrans, Vossk and Nivelians (probably Valkyrie if the Valkyrie Station gets out of Void Space). However, it turned out to be Nivelians, mostly their leader Trunt Harval, who created the supernova.


The Mido Confederation controls the following systems:


The Valkyrie Faction was based on the Valkyrie Station in the Her Jaza system. The Faction is loyal to any other faction.Members


  • Valkyrie - turns into a "battle-station" when going to fight the Deep-Science station in the Beidan system.




The Voids are a mysterious species who launched an assault on the whole Galaxy on Fire universe in the GOF2 era. The reason of their agression still remains unknown. They possessed a wormhole technology which allowed them to jump in and out of any systems without a jumpgate. After long researches a Grey named Khador discovered that their technology is based mostly on Void crystals and created Khador Drive using the same technology.

Voids are aggresive to all races and as said earlier use wormholes to perform hit and run attacks on systems.


  • The Voids had at least one mothership and controlled at least one system which is accessible with the Khador Drive.
  • They look somewhat cyborganic (robot-flesh type).
  • The only person ever to communicate with the Voids was Corny, after Alice merged his DNA with Void's.
  • The only ship the pilot is the VoidX.
  • Void speech is gibberish. The script is not in English, and Voids speak in a gibberish language.


Pirates (also referred to as outlaws in GOF1), are an independent faction considered hostile by every faction.

They generally lurk in asteroid fields and wait for their prey, usually attacking freighters or mining ships, but they can also be seen in dogfights with station security forces. The danger level on the System Map (Secure, Average, Risky or Dangerous) refers to the likelihood of the player encountering Pirates.

Pirates are disliked by all, yet it's socially acceptable to state one's wish to become a pirate to strangers in public (the Space Lounge).

Station DesignEdit

Pirate stations, like their ships, have a militaristic design with an olive green and brown color scheme.

Ship DesignEdit

Pirate ships tend to look less polished than all other types of ships as they are mostly put together from parts from ships of different factions. Pirate ships are all about functionality as opposed to their appearance. They tend to have more weapon capacity than other ships as well. Like their stations, pirate ships are very militaristic and come in olive green and brown.


A Vossk commander once conspired with a Terran officer and the Pirates.                                                                        GOF2GOF1


  • Majority of pirates are Terran. However, sometimes people of all species can be seen at space lounges claiming that they want to become pirates, and the Hijacker in the campaign mission where you save Thomas Boyle which was held captive by pirates is a Nivelian.
  • In GOF2, pirates only control the Midorian system of Loma and demand a fee of 2% of the price of your cargo to let you travel freely through their system. However, in GOF1 the whole Baltone Quadrant of the galaxy was under pirates' control. 
  • The name "pirates" is inherited from ancient Terran history.
  • Pirates' space stations are almost always located near Nivelian stations with the exception of Shima (4 pirate outposts, Midorian origin). This is likely because the Mido Confederation is a relatively young faction meaning that they have yet to sort out a proper infrastructure to control the levels of pirates.
  • Pirates in GOF1 wore a heavy red armor while in GOF2 they still wore some kind of red uniform but no longer wear face-covering helmets.
  • Pirates in GOF1 look like cyborgs with their helmets.
  • In GOF1, the Phantom is the only ship in use by the pirates.
  • In GOF2, Pirate vessels seem to be based on Vietnam War-era aircraft, the most apparent with this similarity is the Mantis.
  • Pirate Outposts, Void Mothership and the Valkyrie Station (after completing the Valkyrie DLC) are the only stations that you cannot dock at.

Deep ScienceEdit

[3]Kothar station.Added by Dj Pavlusha[4]Thynome station.Added by Dj PavlushaDeep Science is a Terran organization dedicated to study and research concerning the Voids. After the Valkyrie update it is revealed that Deep Science is researching and producing ships with integrated Khador Drives. Its headquarters is located in the orbit of Kothar, in the Beidan System.

Deep Science's primary scientist and leader is assumed to be Carla Paolini; she becomes the love interest of Keith T. Maxwell.


[hide] *1 Stations


Deep Science holds these stations as research bases:

  • Thynome
    • This station primarily serves as a resarch station of the Voids. The VoidX can be bought only at this station.
  • Kothar
    • This station is the current HQ and the ships factory. Deep Science ships can be bought only at this station. This station is sometimes called the "iStation", poking fun at its resemblence to Apple products with the white and overall sleek theme.

Notable Members[6]Edit


These ships are added in the Valkyrie-add on, and are purchaseable after one has finished the storyline. They come with an intergratedKhador Drive. [7]Nemesis [8]Cronus [9]Typhon    


[11]A Nemesis leaving Kothar.[12][13] Add a photo to this gallery

Most wantedEdit

The Most Wanted are people wanted for various reasons. They are unlocked after a certain point in the Supernova add-on. The first Most Wanted Board is found when you deliver the prism to Alioth which is a Terran Most Wanted Board. After completion of the add-on, Most Wanted are only found for certain factions on that factions station. So a Nivelian Most Wanted Board is found in Nivellian station and etc.  The board provides information about the route on which one particular criminal can be found.  His ship may not initially appear as hostile until your scanner IDs him as a Most Wanted Criminal, at which point he and his escorts will show in red.

The last criminal listed on each faction's Most Wanted Board pilots a very powerful and unique ship. When each is defeated his ship can be purchased at Quineros station, Loma system. They're sometimes escorted by other very powerful ships. The Most Wanted ships are some of the best in the galaxy; it will require very large amounts of damage in order to defeat one.

They can have some rare equimpent that you can salvage like Rhoda Blackholes

Most, but not all, of these people are Pirates.

Most Wanted BoardsEdit

Each of the four main factions has its own Most Wanted Board. Here is a rundown of each faction's most wanted criminals:

Terran Midorian Nivelian Vossk
Pal Tyyrt Toma Prakupy Borsul Tarand Mrrkt Nimkk
Kehnor Nombur Telénah Vilhelm Lindon Alvar Julen
Gendol Ethor Bartholomeu Drew Tamir Prakupy Vortt Baskk
Korr Bekkt Doni Trillyx Merson Surr Oluchi Erland
Hongar Meton Mashon Redal Ganfor Kant Orp Tsam
Trent Jameson Heinrich Wickel Malon Sentendar Urr Sakant
Qyrr Myfft  

Tips and TricksEdit

  • Usually you can tell as there are either yellow marked ships shooting at other yellow marked ships or when you scan a faction ship and they become your enemy instantly.
  • Also when you look on your radar, if you can see yellow dots moving faster constantly than others, there is a good chance that a most wanted is here.
  • Come prepared, because these most wanted have some of the best ships in the galaxy so they will be hard to take down.
  • The Most Wanted Ships are one of the only NPC Ships that can fire secondary weapons.
  • You can access the Most Wanted menu in flight by tapping/clicking the pause button, going to missions and to "Most Wanted". The most wanted board will be the same faction as the system you are in.
  • Wingman would help especially when fighting most wanted criminals with higher firepower, tell the wingmen to 'attack my target' as this will then mean that when you scan the Most Wanted Criminal's ship your wingmen will only attack that ship. After that you want to try not to scan another ship because then your wingmen will change priorities and attack the newly scanned ship instead.
  • If you are having trouble finding a Most Wanted criminal then an easy way to ensure that you encounter them is to work backwards along their route. If they were travelling from lo Omback (Aquila System) to Binon (Pan System) then you would want to start at Binon, then travel to Decimus, as this is where the Pan System's jumpgate is. You will then need to travel to the next system along the route, but make sure that you travel to the station which has a jumpgate as this will be the planet that the Most Wanted Criminal will travel through. Repeat this process until you encounter the criminal.
  • Also try going in the middle of their path, as this is where your most wanted will be most likely.

Black GUardEdit

The Black Guard (also known as Stealth Fighters) was a faction introduced in Supernova. Mentioned by Fishlabs as "an extremist Nivelian faction that wants to stop the Midorian secession." They are the ones that fly the Specters throughout the storyline. They are led by Trunt Harval and their symbol can be found on the outside of both the Specter and the Scimitar .                                                                                                                    


  • The Black Guard doesn't have a system in which they are based, kind of like the pirates. The closest that they come is Paréah, the capital of the Nivelian Republic .
  • The Black Guard were the first ones to use Dark Matter Lasers, and the only NPCs to use them.
  • During the Supernova campaign, they can be sometimes found outside of missions, attacking Vossk, Terrans, and Midorians.
  • Despite being Nivelian, they can sometimes be found attacking Nivelian stations.
  • They can be encountered in systems marked as 'secure', including Shima and Wolf-Reiser.
  • They are considered hostile to all factions except pirates and probably Voids.