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Dr. Carla Paolini is the unwitting, but not unwilling, target of Maxwell's advances since his arrival to this end of the galaxy. The feisty Terran redhead has led a self-determined and exemplary scientific career, culminating in her current post as head of the Deep Science research station in the Thynome system.

Recognized as a scientific prodigy when she built her first teddy bear replicator in kindergarten, she was swiftly enlisted and advanced through several elite academies before earning her triple doctorate from the University of Interplanetary Exobiology.

Her ambition and social aptitude caught the eye of Terran High Command, who offered her increasingly high-profile positions in research facilities in several systems. Along with several other noted professors, she petitioned for an independent institution to be established to further study of the mysterious Voids at the galaxy's edge. This resulted in the formation of Deep Science, an inter-species and faction-neutral entity.

Now, with a wealth of resources at her disposal and some of the best analytical minds in the galaxy in her care, she acts as a vigilant and caring leader to her valued crew. Too many responsibilities for such a distraction as a minor romance, to Maxwell's unending frustration.


Carla Paolini is the head of Deep Science, a secret Terran science research facility located on the Thynome station in the Wolf-Reiser system. Her younger sister is Alice. She is Keith T. Maxwell's love interest in GOF2.

In some cases, It is assumed that Carla is a heavyweight drinker and has slept with Maxwell at the end of the base game. It is thought so due to the bottle of booze and pink bra that float in the middle of space before showing your ship. In the Supernova DLC Maxwell also awakes after passing out and states that he believes Carla won a drinking contest. In the Supernova DLC, Carla dreams of a nice future with Keith while he is trying to save the Midorians.

Carla has dark blonde hair, tanned skin, green eyes and wears a brown and orange uniform.


  • Carla built her first teddy bear replicator in kindergarten.
  • Thinks that curtains are more important than a supernova.
  • The bottle of booze at the end of the base game storyline is Union Draught. (Before showing your ship in Thynome.)