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Name Type Brief Summary Link Author
Invasion Campaign Keith helps Vossk fight Voids invading the Galaxy Invasion ArticX
Collapse Addon Blackhole Collapse Spectercollector
Event 2783 Campaign Blackhole rebuild Event_2783 ShadowMan177
Interpretation Campaign Brent Snocom accused of tricking Uggut to his death Interpretation ArticX
What if Keith T. Maxwell... Alternate Storyline The campaigns of Galaxy on Fire 2... without Keith T. Maxwell What if Keith T. Maxwell... XenoDarth
Decline of earth Campaign? Civil war Decline of earth Spectercollector
Galaxy of Star Wars Campaign Galaxy on Fire 2 meets Star Wars Coming soon! XenoDarth
Diplomatic Relations Add-On & Campaign Voids are good and want colony so they can trade new technology Coming soon! Tedanor