• Tedanor

    Fan Fiction Update

    July 12, 2018 by Tedanor

    My Fan Fiction is under way and it won't be long now before it is finished, I just need to finish the storyline and then I will be done.

    by Tedanor (talk)

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  • Tadnor

    Starting Up

    June 28, 2018 by Tadnor

    Hey guys, this is my first blog. :)


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  • GodoftheZagos

    More people!!!

    July 20, 2016 by GodoftheZagos

    Hello everyone. WE NEED MORE PEOPLE. There are maybe 4 people who are active. It is very sad. Anyone who reads this and knows people with wikia accounts, please tell them to help out! Thank you (bows) Edit: There are maybe 2 people that are even reading the wiki. Sooooo sad. Now not even Wraith visits anymore. Alone. All alone

    Edit: Spectercollecter has made a return! (sort of).

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  • Skloomax

    In Prague 28.7.2014

    Have you noticed that it is impossible to replay the Supernova Challenge in the full game of GOF2?


    Blue Fyre

    Supernova Challenge equipment even with weapons

    Black Guard Fighters flying in formations and with never-stopped coming right into the battle


    Active Supernova

    Novanium Asteroids

    You can have all of the requirements, but only separately. It is impossible to replay the Supernova Challenge.


    Blue Fyre is only avaliable when the Supernova is reverted back to normal star and there are no Stealth Fighters.

    It is impossible to make Stealth Fighters fly in formations.

    There are no Novanium Asteroids at Luur.

    But, it is possible to have all equipment even with weapons.

    So, do not try to replay it. It is impos…

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  • Thunder Luigi


    January 17, 2014 by Thunder Luigi

    Faction:         Terran
    Armour Rating:         180
    Cargo Space:         200
    Primary Weapons:     0
    Secondary Weapons:     3
    Turrets:         2
    Equipment:         9
    Handling:         85
    Based on Anaan

    Faction:        Terran/Void
    Armour Rating:        225
    Primary Weapons:    6
    Secondary Weapons:    0
    Turrets:        0
    Equipment:        10
    Handling:        140
    VoidX/Nuyang II hocked together

    Faction:        Nivelian
    Armour Rating:
    Primary Weapons:    3
    Secondary Weapons:    3
    Turrets:        1
    Equipment:        9
    Handling:        150

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  • Netor

    Netor's ship challenge!

    November 18, 2013 by Netor

    Hello! Netor is here with a cool challenge! I am going to put some cool ship guessing or fill in the blank challenges here.

    Enter the number I have given to each ship in the image.Comment your answer.


    Comment your answers.. XENO wins again!


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  • XenoDarth

    Cloaked Ship Challenge!

    October 10, 2013 by XenoDarth

    I was inspired by one of the pictures in the original Galaxy on Fire wiki (don't remember where it is, though) to put together this blog post.

    The rules are simple: Find the cloaked ship in the picture and try to guess which ship it is.

    I plan to make multiple challenges, so please include the number in the caption when making your guess. To keep things fair, though, I will delete some comments that contain your guesses until I can find a way to have you guys make your guesses without the need for comments. Sorry for the inconvenience!

    Good luck!

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  • ArticX

    New drives

    October 6, 2013 by ArticX

    Can anyone think of a drive? a hidden galaxy? system?

    Post in comments!

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  • ArticX

    New weapons

    October 6, 2013 by ArticX

    Everyone think of a new weapon - any kind. then post in comments

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  • ArticX

    gof games

    October 6, 2013 by ArticX

    which one best?

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  • ArticX


    October 6, 2013 by ArticX


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  • Aegir2000

    Hi everybody.

    October 4, 2013 by Aegir2000

    I have join your wiki,and i would create and edit fanfics about Earth

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  • XenoDarth


    October 1, 2013 by XenoDarth

    You know what drives me crazy? It's the lack of grammar in some areas of any wiki. It gets harder to read the content, for starters. When you misspell categories, it completely messes up the entire wiki. Plus, others think it's an intended feature, and build upon the wrong places.

    This message is not directed to any individual person, but lately the issue is driving me nuts. I had to express this message sooner or later...

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  • Spectercollector


    October 1, 2013 by Spectercollector

    Hello everyone this is Spectercollector and I want to thank you all for your contributions.

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  • ArticX

    New SHips

    September 30, 2013 by ArticX

    Ok Im love getting info about new ships. anykind even midorian. It has to be new. Add pictures in comments for ideas.

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  • XenoDarth

    This is a work of fan fiction. I do not own any of the objects associated with Fishlabs or any other company. This does not reflect my opinion nor anyone else's opinion on how the story should go. This is simply made for fun.

    We all know that Keith T. Dangerous Maxwell saved the galaxy three times: from the Voids, from Alice, and even from a supernova. He advanced through trading, destroyed countless pirates, and even "allegedly" had sex with Carla Paolini.

    But as I was reading many of the articles of this wiki, I asked myself the ultimate question...

    What if Keith T. Maxwell really did die during the battle at Dareius Asteroid Belt?

    3598 A.D. Eden Prime Space Station

    Keith T. Maxwell is, once again, looking for another mission to undertake. Wi…

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  • Spectercollector

    Hello everyone

    September 28, 2013 by Spectercollector

    We need more users please this wiki needs help.

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