This leaves off at Maissa, right where the Supernova left off. Keith hears on the news that Trunt Harval is still alive, making him shocked. This time, Trunt Harval explodes the Y'Mirr system, making an another supernova. The Vossk leader calls Keith T. Maxwell that it's his old friend that gave him the prototype K'Suukk. He rushes to the closest planet at that system and halfway through delivering passengers to the Vossk Freighters, He notices a new threat which are called The Vossk Rebels. After delivering the passengers to the Vossk Freighters, He returns to Alioth and Brent Snocom reports that the Vossk Rebels are actualy the voids and Keith said "WHAT? THEIR THE VOIDS?" and Brent gives you a new ship called the U.L.T.R.A. You take it and you nuke the new Nivelean captail system called treh. You then grab a few Liberators, a few special Supernova missiles and launch both of those to the sun for payback. After you go and find the home system of the Vossk Rebels, which is actualy the Eayna system. You get to the rebuilt Valkyrie station and use the death ray agasint their home planet, destroying it. You the nuke Trunt Harval's new ship, called the Dasher. You barley survive and make it back to Thynome and launch a new missile made by Khador to reverse the effect of the Supernova in Y'Mirr. After that the Dasher can be purchased at Quinerous for 10.5 millon dollars.


New ships, such as the new Vossk B'Lash A whole new storyline with danger and excitement New weapons, Such as the Terran-built Berger FlaK 19-19

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