Add Image300<figure class="article-thumb tright show-info-icon" style="width: 180px"> <a href="'"`UNIQ61914ecb600feb6cNOPARSE" class="image image-thumbnail" ><img src="'"`UNIQ61914ecb600feb6cNOPARSE" alt="A-R195" class="thumbimage " data-image-key="A-R195.jpg" data-image-name="A-R195.jpg" width="180" height="91" ></a> <figcaption> <a href="/wiki/File:A-R195.jpg" class="sprite info-icon"></a> <p class="caption">The Full Design of the "Tomahawk"</p> </figcaption> </figure>px

The Tomahawk is the mainline fighter of the demons force.

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